American born trumpeter/composer Theo Croker, is hailed as one the great promises of Black American Music (BAM). With “Star People Nation” (his last LP, released in 2019) he’s been nominated to the Grammy Awards. With  “Blk2life / A Future Past” released in September 2021 on Sony Masterworks, isn’t a sonic departure of his critically acclaimed release “Escape Velocity”, but a continuation towards a much grander musical legacy that is pushing within the realms of futuristic melody, rhythm, and vibratory enlightenment. The album is a cosmic and futuristic trip that pushes the boundaries of jazz while expanding its melodic and rhythmic perspectives. This album features also great collaborators as well as contributors, Ari Lennox, Charlotte Dos Santos, Gary Bartz, Iman Omari, Kassa Overall, Malaya and the legendary founder of The Fugees, Wyclef Jean, joined Theo Croker on this new project.

As the grandson of the late trumpeter Doc Cheatham, and former student of legendary jazz trumpeter Donald Byrd, trumpeter Theo Croker is an artist steeped in jazz tradition. Well-versed in the swing, bop, and modal styles of acoustic jazz, Croker’s own music reveals a love of organic funk, soul, and gooey, groove-oriented hip-hop. It’s a vital amalgam that would have pleased the forward-thinking Byrd, whose own ’70s funk-jazz albums are an obvious touchstone for Croker.