It is a voice that soars – pure, clear and true – above the infectious Mande guitar grooves. A voice that nails you to the spot, that of Rokia Koné known as “The Rose of Bamako”, one of the Malian artists most beloved by her compatriots.
Noticed by rock producer Jacknife Lee – acclaimed producer of bands such U2, REM, The Killers, Grammy winner with Taylor Swift – who, for the album BAMANAN, upholds the stark beauty of her voice with subtlety and sensitivity and makes each breath, nuance, inflection, melismatic improvisation of the fascinating singer intimately perceptible.
Jacknife Lee will once again be alongside Rokia Koné for the creation residency in France in spring 2022 as a prelude to the European tour.
The album BAMANAN will be released in February 2022 on ReadWorld Records.