Three years have elapsed since the release of Ester Rada’s debut album; three years in which she performed on all five continents. Relentless, she took every imaginable stage: from big festivals in France to a club in Mauritius, from the Olympics in Rio to Glastonbury. Everywhere in the globe where she landed, she would receive coverage from some of the most relevant media, like the BBC in UK, or Liberation in France.

The experiences of her three year journey have become the seeds for new songs, which bore fruit in airplanes, hotel rooms and behind-the-scenes. The new repertoire will allow us to see Rada through Different Eyes, as she takes us for a deep dive into soul and R&B. If the previous album expressed the diverse palette of all the influences in Rada’s musical world, from jazz to Ethiopian music, Different Eyes moves us through two or three essential colors, leading us into an ethereal groove capsule. Rada and producer SHUZ (Yoni Levin) combine live tools and electronics to bring the repertoire to the here and now, and Rada’s unique vocals inject emotion into every note and word.