Born in Havana Cuba, Felipe Cabrera belongs to the revolutionary generation of Cuban musicians and composers who chose jazz and its creative freedom as a means for artistic expression.

After fourteen years in the “Gonzalo Rubalcaba Proyecto”, Felipe Cabrera showed three times (albums “Made In Animas”, “Evidence from El Cayo” and “Night Poems”) that he was not only one of the great bassists on the international jazz scene, but also a promising and original composer.

At the end of 2018, he recorded his fourth album “Mirror”, with one of the most cutting edge Contemporary Latin Jazz teams to have come about in a long time, bringing together Irving Acao (tenor saxophone), Leonardo Montana (piano) and Lukmil Perez (drums). In quartet, he writes the future of Cuban music.

Last album: “Mirror”, fall 2019 (New Tracks by 3D Family/ Pias)