Tongues on Fire: A Tribute to the Black Panthers (2010)

Living in Color
The Roots
Gregory Porter

tofTeaser TONGUES ON FIRE, a Tribute to the Black Panthers

questTongues On Fire directed by David Murray with The Roots,
Living Colour & Last Poets

« Tongues on Fire », a new musical project inspired by the revolutionary art of Emory Douglas, the brilliant draftsman and Minister of Culture of the Black Panther Party. Although his work was mainly associated at the time with the militancy side of the movement, it has evolved today to become a recognized and inspiring art around the world.

The concept behind this project is to highlight the efficacy of the visual, oratorical and musical arts as means of communicating ideas. Taking their inspiration from the works of Emory Douglas, Umar Bin Hassan and Abiodun Oyewole, the charismatic members of The Last Poets, have written 8 powerful poems reflecting in depth the past and today’s cultural and political agenda. As he reflected on these verses, David Murray has composed 8 melodies used as the core basis on which the music will be built on and performed by the different bands collaborating on the project such as Living Colour and The Roots.


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